To the Filipino Youth Analysis

Topics: Philippines, Manila, José Rizal Pages: 2 (405 words) Published: May 21, 2013
Marvin L. AgsaldaBS Accountancy 1-2
Isabela State University


“Filipino youth, the fair hope of the fatherland”, that was the concept of the award-winning literary poem written on 1879 by Dr. Jose Rizal entitled “To the Filipino Youth”. The piece made a great impact to the Spaniards as it shows the real nationalism in the Philippine country awakening the youth to rise from fear and face the country’s present struggles.

Dr. Jose Rizal is awakening every Filipino youth to join, unite, and move together for the so-called “CHANGE” in the country. He encourages every one of us to continue his works for he believes that the youth today and the future generations will serve as a light to the countrymen. Our hero also emphasizes that “the country is waiting for us to make a change” and the youth will start it for they are gifted with the necessary knowledge, strength and voice in the country. We must unfold our true feeling and express directly to all men. We have the knowledge in Science and Arts, use it in good manner to achieve our goals in the country.

The country was covered by darkness and feels great sufferings to different peoples holding it. There are some people who fought for the “change” but what happened? They lose and lose. The youth of the country have the gigantic courage to fought for their feelings, fought for it for we are the bridge of all men.We have the powers to awaken and open the heart of every Filipino, we are the heart and reality opener and educator. Some people might consider us, as a very little people, a very low class citizen that can be easily rejected. They don’t know that we are playing a very important role in the society. We, the youth, must move now and use our overall knowledge and abilities we have to prove that we are important in the country’s situation today.

Today is the day of the youth to move and change the country. The youth which will be highly recognized in the...
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