To the Child Jesus

Topics: Epidemiology, Medicine, Health Pages: 6 (2131 words) Published: January 19, 2013

The Department of Health is the agency that organizes and funds health-care programs. Therefore they are the one who are concern about health. Filipinos are health conscious. Why? I can say that simply because many college students are enrolling health courses like nursing, pre-med courses like BS Biology and Medical Technology, and of course in the College of Medicine. So every year we have a lot of sets of graduates in their own fields of specialization like nurses, medical technologist, biologist, and doctors and still many which are still inclined in health and medicine. With that I am certain that what is stated before was right. Therefore it is expected that we shall have healthy society prone from any illness and aware of what we ought to carry out to evade such sickness. Nevertheless, sorry to say that though the fact that our country has produce so many health inclined professionals, glitches regarding health is still one of the main hitch that our country should work out. Well, we can’t skin the fact that some nor should I say many doctors, nurses, medical technologists, physical therapists, etc. has to leave the country and work overseas to earn much money. How can they abandon their own country? But then we can’t blame them if they have that idea of leaving the country just after getting experiences here because in the first place our country can’t afford to employ all of these employees because our government doesn’t have enough funds to support them because they are numerous. So just a few are left behind and before they will be permanently got the job to work on the hospitals or clinics they have to volunteer their selves to work first without paying their services. Just imagine the things that they have to undergo before they reach their positions, isn’t it really enduring? That’s why we can’t blame those who leave the country and prefer to work overseas. We can see many problems regarding health nowadays due to many reasons. One reason is our environment. Our environment is not safe anymore because pollution is taking place everywhere and so we can get a lot of illness from an unhealthy environment. Another is that the foods that we take in and also the water that we drink. We are not conscious anymore on the foods that we take in. We prefer instant food because we’re busy on our own businesses and so we got lazy to prepare for our own food so we just drop by to any restaurants or fast food chains. We don’t notice the effects that it may give to our health. But practicing that habit is really not good in our health because those are not safe to eat and little by little as we keep that habit we may now get secret deceases that we don’t know that it’s already killing us little by little. We just figure it out after it’s already deadly and have to engage in medications where it is expected that you are going to spend a great amount of money just for that medication. The worst thing is that you don’t have the perfect percentage chance to recover. Another thing is during when calamities come to visit our country and obliterate our lives. For example is that, during calamities we have to evacuate to evacuation centers as by order by the government. There, for the passing time as we wait for the typhoon for instance stop we have to live there with the whole community. With the scarcity of all important needs like food, clothes, and everything we have to share everything we have for everybody. Therefore illnesses like cough, fever, some also during this times dengue and leptose pyrosies are prone to everyone. Also many dying senior citizens, mothers who are pregnant and about to give birth, can you imagine situation like this. It’s hard isn’t it? Complications everywhere is hard to regulate because you can’t have that in hand because it’s really unpredictable. Many individuals suffer from deadly deceases. In the hospitals we can observe and say that it...
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