To Study the Effect of Different Brands of Mouth Rinse on the Permeability of the Membranes of Beetroot Tissue

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Practical Assessment
AIM甜菜根細胞中含有紅色素,這是儲存在細胞液泡和液泡膜,以防止這種洩漏出來的細胞包圍它。 Beetroot cells contain a red pigment, which is stored in the cell vacuole and a vacuole membrane to prevent this leaking out of the cell surrounds it. 最外層的細胞周圍也由膜,這再次可使色素細胞內。 The outer of the cell is also surrounded by a membrane, which again helps contain the pigment inside the cell. 在這個實驗中我的目標是找出關係的漏從甜菜紅色素細胞和表面面積。 In this experiment I aim to find out the relationship between the leakage of red pigment from a beetroot cell and the surface area. 要做到這一點成功,我需要改變表面面積的甜菜根細胞,然後準確地測量,如果沒有多少染料租出。 To do this successfully I will need to alter the surface area of the beetroot cells accurately and then measure if any and how much dye is let out. 我希望可以再看看我的結果,然​​後找到這兩個因素之間的關係,並能準確地解釋為什麼發生任何變化。 I can hopefully then look at my results and then find a relationship between the two factors and be able to explain exactly why any changes took place. 預測 PREDICTION

在這個實驗中我所期望的漏染料增加的​​表面積增大,這是基於知識的形成膜。 For this experiment I would expect the leakage of dye to increase as the surface area increases and this is based on the knowledge of the formation of membranes. 膜是由兩種主要類型的化學,脂類和蛋白質。 Membranes are made of two main types of chemical, lipids and proteins. 主要類型的薄膜被稱為磷脂膜。 The main type of membrane is known as a phospholipid membrane. 其目的部分滲透膜是有選擇地允許通過的材料進出細胞。 The purpose of partially permeable membranes is to selectively allow the passage of materials in and out of the cell. 通過物質通過擴散,滲透或主動運輸。 Substances pass through via diffusion, osmosis or active transport. 由於表面積增加反應率,這反過來又導致增加的速度擴散造成更多的染料被給予了。 As surface area increases the rate of reaction which in turn would cause an increase in the rate of diffusion causing more dye to be given out. 這是由於這一事實,更多的顆粒膜接觸讓更多的物質進出細胞通道和增加速度這一點。 This is due to the fact that more particles of membrane in contact with the substance allowing more passage out of the cell and an increased rate of this. 我期望率水平在一定點後關閉,這將是最高金額的染料滲漏,可以實現任何改變表面積。 I would expect the rate to level off after a certain point and this would be the top amount of dye leakage that could be achieved by any change to surface area. 該圖的結果是這樣的: - The graph of the results would look like this: - 概要 OUTLINE

為了進行這項實驗我可以執行它在幾個不同的方式,但都將紛紛效仿了第一個基本步驟: - To carry out this experiment I could perform it in several different manners, however all will have to follow out the first basic step: - ·型材切割出幾個不同光盤的甜菜根的表面積。 ·Cut out several discs of beetroot of varying surface area. 將所有光盤通過洗滌水,使任何多餘的染料,將洩漏造成的損壞造成的刀不會影響結果。 Treat all discs by washing with water so that any excess dye that will be leaked out due to damage caused by the knife will not affect the results. 一旦這個工作已經完成,然後我的方法在執行過程可以不同,我可以: - Once this has been completed then the methods in which I perform the procedure can vary and I could either: - ·我可以切兩件不同的甜菜面積,看看有多少結果的漏之間變化這兩個找出到底有多少種不同的表面後,我應該在這個實驗測試。 ·I could cut two pieces of beetroot of different surface area and see how much the results of the leakage varies between these two to find out exactly how many different surface areas I should test in this experiment. ·我可以離開兩個獨立樣本的甜菜根相同的表面積在水中不同長度時間段如10和20分鐘,看看哪個長度顯示了最高水平的染料滲漏,這將是長,我會離開我的樣品在水中在實際的實驗。 ·I could leave two separate samples of beetroot of the same surface area in water for different length periods eg 10 and 20 minutes and see which length shows the highest level of dye leakage and this will be the length I will leave my samples in the water in the actual experiment. ·我也可以測試,看是否漏染料工作更好地在不同的溫度,例如,如果在較低溫度下沒有染料洩露出去,我可以用較高的溫度從此。 ·I could also test to see if the leakage of dye worked better in different temperature, eg if at lower temperatures no dye leaked out I could use higher temperatures from then on. 不過,我不能確定這是否會是一個適用的方法如上40C膜損壞。 However I am unsure if this will be an applicable method as above 40C the membrane becomes damaged. 該方法我已決定採用的是第一個描述,因為這將給予最準確的結果。 The method I have decided to use is the first one described, as this will give the most accurate results. 變量 VARIABLES

有幾個變量參與這項實驗,這些可以通過改變自己或測量,結果實驗。 There are several...
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