To Save the Planet

Topics: Sun, Wind power, Fossil fuel Pages: 1 (340 words) Published: October 13, 2011
To save the planet
For years the planet has been concerned about the environment and saving it. But it wasn’t until recently that our environmental issues have become a lot more open to the world and people have been trying harder to have a better environment. These things include recycling, cutting down on driving or carpooling. Among these is different way so save, conserve, and energy. A huge thing that has come about was solar power and wind energy . Now a day’s it’s not uncommon to drive down a road and see solar panels colleting the sun’s rays. While there are many other resources we use such as oil, and coal. The best and the most efficient way to save energy is solar energy. Many people are getting on board with the "green" way of life. Many celebrities are leading by example. Black eye pea singer Fergie has created a whole new clothing line that includes shoes that are environmentally safe but also made of recycled materials. This weekend on Saturday night live one of their skits involved the melting of the ice caps, global warming and conserving energy and even though the skit was funny and was made so that it could make fun of the president everything that was said about upcoming global warming was true. A huge part of their skit had to do with alternate ways of energy. And mostly solar energy. Solar energy is a good source of energy to use, it is a renewable resource. Another commonly used energy source is oil. Throughout the years oil has been our main source of energy but the time and money it takes out shines the money and time it takes to put up solar panels. Another benefit to solar energy is that the solar panels extract the sun’s rays without making a sound. While the oil pumps are giant machines that make a lot of noise. Reply to: Reply to A Lice Segarra Segarra

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