To Save Humankind, Save Marine Life

Topics: Coral reef, Ocean, Marine biology Pages: 3 (1009 words) Published: September 19, 2012
Imagine a vast, peaceful blue sea and you are about to go scuba diving. You jump in the water and begin to sink down. As you start looking the coral reefs around you, something’s not right. The coral has turned white, and no longer moves with life. This whiteness seems to have spread over a large area of the reef. Seafloors look like war zones. Corals have been bleached white from chemical runoff. Dead zones – vast swaths of ocean that can no longer support life – are spreading throughout the marine realm. You no longer see the colourful branches and see plants swaying in the current, or the schools of tropical fish swimming through the leaves. This makes marine life unattractive and lifeless. How alarming and frustrating it is.

What happened? Who did this? Is there anything I can do? -are the possible questions that you may ask when you saw a depressing scene.
Marine mammal species richness was correlated strongly with areas of human impact across the oceans. Our ocean serves as the lungs of our planet providing half of all the oxygen in the atmosphere. As we clog them with acoustic smog, we are not only choking our marine life, but ourselves as well. The ocean is an exciting place filled with unusual creatures. However, beyond its intrinsic beauty the sea is also vital to human health. People are dependent on the ocean for protein-rich food, oxygen, medicines and more. Ever since, the oceans were thought to be able to provide all the food humanity needs. However, in recent times, the inexhaustible bounties of the sea have shown their limits. Fisheries everywhere in the world have reported that their catches reached their limits or have collapsed. And here the marine life extinction comes into picture. Illegal fishing, waste dumping, oil and gas exploration, noise pollution, naval operations, global warming and even tourism business such as dolphin or whale watching and scuba diving are some of the primary factors that contribute in threatening the...
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