To Review the Similarities and Differences of Apple Computers vs. Windows Pc’s

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  • Published : December 10, 2012
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Schrader, Luke
Assignment #3: Outlining

Purpose of my paper: To review the similarities and differences of Apple computers vs. Windows PC’s

Target Audience: Anyone interested in making an informed computer purchase

Thesis: While Apple computers and Windows PC’s each have unique strengths, Apple computers offer the best value overall when considering cost, portability, user friendliness and software strengths.

My Outline

I.Categories for Comparison
a.Cost of units and software
d.Software strengths
II.Evaluate Apple computers vs. Windows PC’s on Cost
i.Both Apple major purchases (>$500)
ii.Both now offer the Microsoft office suite (word, excel, powerpoint) b.Unique differences
i.Windows PC’s cost less (about half that of Apple computers) ii.Apple offers a cost effective array of downloadable “applications” for it’s computers in addition to pre-loaded software tools III.Evaluate Apple computers vs. Windows PC’s on Portability a.Similarities

i.Both are similar in overall size dimensions so are about the same “bulk” to carry around ii.Both operate wirelessly
b.Unique differences
i.Windows PC’s are heavier than Apple Computers of the same screen size ii.Apple computers have better energy management programming which prolongs the time you can use the computer on battery power IV.Evaluate Apple computers vs. Windows PC’s on User-Friendliness a.Similarities

i.Both can connect to peripherals wirelessly using Bluetooth technology ii.Both have online help functions to assist new users
iii.Both have easy to use operating systems
b.Unique differences
i.Windows PC’s are susceptible to viruses and require anti-virus software while Apple computers do not get viruses ii.Apple has a network of retails stores where users can stop in for training classes V.Conclusion
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