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Restaurant Management System

Database Project Report

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Jinnah University for Women 5-C Nazimabad, Karachi 74600

1. Introduction

1.1 Project Overview
This paper outlines a project proposal from the Pakistan Food Restaurant to create a sustainable income stream. This project will help Pakistan Food Restaurant to earn part of the money to support and ensure its future. It is being undertaken by us because it covers various aspects of restaurant management system and makes it easy to access the information about the restaurant management system. 1.2 Aims and Objectives:The Restaurant Management System project will meet the following objectives: 0 It records the information of customers. 1 It records the information and quantity of orders made by customers along with date. 2 It records the price of food. 3 It will keep records of employees of the restaurant 4 It will also keep record of raw materials, supplies and vendors.1.3 Project Scope:This project will keep record of all food items of the restaurant. It also records the information of customers along with all the orders made by them. The orders are recorded according to the date. Computerized receipt is given to the customer with the details of the order and bill. Whenever a customer comes first time then he/she must register him/her self at the counter. Next time the customer comes he/she will not need to register at the counter; there will be already an existing record of that customer. 1.4 List of Tables and Description :Project consists of following tables: * Customers * Orders * Orderline * Items * Raw material * Supplies * Vendors * Bills * Employees * Chef * Accountant * WaiterDescription of tables: * Customers table consists of customer ID, name, Address, Last visit date of customer. It keeps the records of customers. * Orders table keep records of number of orders placed by customers along with OrderID, Order name, Order date, Order time. * Orderline table consists of quantity of orders. * Items table consists of list of food items along with their type, cost, ID. * Raw materials table consists of list of raw materials used to make food items along with Material ID, type, Expiry date and Stock date. * Supplies table consists of Quantity, Supply date, Supply time and cost of raw materials provided by vendors/suppliers. * Vendors Table consists of VendorID, name, contact number, status of the vendors of the restaurant. * Bills table consists of Receipt no., cash received, items purchased and total amount of the customers. * Employees table consist of the complete information of the employees of the restaurant. It consists of employee ID, name, address, postal code, contact number, salary, hire date of the employees. * Chef table consists of the speciality of the chefs of the restaurant. * Accountants table consists of the qualification of the accountants of the restaurant. * Waiter table consists of the job description of the waiters.| 1.5 Project Features:

Main features of the project are:
* Complete Inventory from sale of food items and drinks.
* Details of purchases are also maintained.
* Reports for all items in stock as well as items to be ordered. * Complete information of employees along with their contact number and ID. * Details of previous orders by a customer.
* Computerized receipt generation process.
2. System Design

2.1 Data Flow Diagram

Context Diagram
Amount paid

Order sent back
Placed order

Receipt passed
Ordering system

Received order

Items Available
Placing order
Choosing from items menu
Level 0

Order report
Availability of orders
Processing order

Bills details to customers

Payment by customer
Payment process
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