To Persuade People to Understand That Bio Fuels Could Be a Potential Danger

Topics: Natural environment, Fossil fuel, Biofuel Pages: 1 (343 words) Published: December 1, 2012
Raajthilak Baskaran
Topic: to persuade people to understand that bio fuels could be a potential danger

The answer to the question, should bio fuels be used? Should be a no. It sounds funny when you tell no to bio-fuels right? The only reason why I tell no to bio fuels is that we are still not capable of producing it with sustainability. The statistics show that if bio fuels were replaced for petrol based fuels then it would lead to a bad food crisis. Almost 75% percent of the world is now suffering from food crisis. The US is doing a good job managing food crisis but implementing bio fuels in the system would rather lead to potential crisis. This is to be fixed by other cleaner means of energy, like electricity made of hydel power, solar energy or wind power. Bio fuels are made of food plants which are needed for human beings to survive. It is not so wise to implement this idea because we need to make sure that no body in this world is deprived of food and only then we try bringing in this idea. However that would be overwhelming to the environment. This process of using food to power our cars would certainly make the environment clean, but also deprives the soil and water of nutrients. There are also a number of environmental problems linked to converting crops for biofuels, including water pollution from fertilizers and pesticides, global warming, soil erosion and air pollution. Actually, there is simply not enough land, water and energy to produce biofuels. In most cases, more fossil energy is required to produce a unit of biofuel compared with the energy that it provides. Growing crops for biofuels not only ignores the need to reduce natural resource consumption, but causes the problem of malnourishment worldwide by turning food grain into biofuels. Thus, increased use of biofuels further damages the global environment and especially the world food system. I would suggest finding clean sources of energy and using them to full potential.
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