To Parents of Small Children

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Ms. Dixon
Teen Leadership
30 August 2012

Dear Anonymous,
We both know that we haven’t had the best in this life and that mama isn’t the best of parents for the things she’s done then again neither is daddy for letting everything happen, but we were always there for each other, you and I, the two misunderstood children roughing it out together, you’re the only one who ever really understood me, and accepting me for being the different one. I guess because in a way you were different too, but I want you to know that when you left I fell into a deep depression. You became one of them, and I began to despise you for it.

I soon realized that we were going through the exact same thing, and I took all of your love and caring heart for granted I thought that you had enough strength for the both of us, I never once thought that you would need some comforting, and reassurance that everything will soon be alright. Until that day you left me, with a note that cut so deep into my heart I thought that I would never be able to forgive you, but I’m in high school now, and a senior at that. I hope that you’re proud of me. I know that you would have graduated already and been a freshman in college right now, but I’m not writing this to go on about me I’m writing it for you, I’ve heard about all the trouble you’ve gotten into since you left. Being arrested, smoking, drinking, popping pills, going from house to house living with god knows who, and with someone you barely know.

I don’t know what has you going on a downward path like this, you were at Townview making all A’s, remember? I do, I looked up to you for so long, and I want us to back the way we were, so I talked to Mrs. Hill our old pastor, and I’ve also talked to some of our old teachers from Frederick Douglass, we’ve started a collection on your behalf, we know that you will never come back home, or go back to high school, so we’re raising money for you to take GED classes and to get help you...
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