To My Teacher

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Dear Mrs Farrell:

I would like you to know my goals for this couse and my future. First of all, i am a non- native speaker of english and I wish to improve skills in all dimensions of the language. Getting more educated is also important for me , as much as living in a healthy environment. Having healthy people around me makes my days happier and easier. Family, which i consider primordial in life, expect the best of me and i also wish them the best in life.For this reason, I would like to have a high status so i can help them whenever they need me.

Last month, I have received many bad comments on my writing assignments which made me feel upset but this semester i will change that. I would like to improve my grammar skills for instance; preposition, sentences structures, punctuation, spelling and commas are really hard for me. I also have to organize all my ideas, information and notes that i retain on my brain and put on a paper in a organized way so people can understand me easily. Vocabulary development is definitely a good thing to point out, and i really need extra help with it. I would like to acquire the ability writing essays in a short time and without the help of a dictionary.

Getting this job done, needs a lot of time and effort that i am willing to do. There is many ways to get it done. For example; talking with friends in english, watching educating rograms on tv and checking daily newspapers can help to develop my vocabulary.I also have to be consistent from the first day until the end of the semester. If I start an assignment, do not forget to finish . The last method that i will use in this semester to get a high quality essay is a good reading habit.
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