To Legalize or Not to Legalize Marijuana

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  • Published : January 26, 2013
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To Legalize or Not to Legalize Marijuana
There is a lot of controversy about legalizing marijuana. There are two sides of the story just like with everything else. Some people are all for making it legal. Then there are others that are totally against it. There are many aspects to look at when looking at the issue. There are going to be positives and negatives in both aspects of the issue. There are many states that have legalized marijuana for medical use. There is also the economy that should be looked at. The government wastes so much money trying to control the whole drug trafficking issue that it is unreal. Then, there is the negative side. People in the drug trade are not just involved in using and selling drugs, they are also involved in other crimes that are committed. This will not help keep the drugs off the street. Let’s take a look at both sides of the issue.

If the government were to legalize marijuana, it would definitely reduce the population in the prisons. “Instead of wasting the money that the government has, why not just turn it around? There are 500,000 people in prison are in there for drug offenses. That includes tens of thousands of people in prison for marijuana related charges.” (Ward, P. (2010) Is that unreal or what? The government is holding non-violent offenders and letting the violent offenders off on probation and/or parole. Why let murders out on probation and/or parole when we have non-violent offenders going to prison for years. What a huge waste of money. Syracuse, N. Y. (2011) states, “Why not legalize marijuana and start making a profit? The United States could make billions every year by legalizing, selling, and taxing marijuana.” The government in Nevada has a proposal that would work in all of the states. Spillman, B. para 6(2010) states, “That there is a group that wants voters to authorize 120 retail outlets for marijuana and 50 wholesale growers. The proposal would call for $50 per ounce excise tax at the wholesale level and sales tax would apply on retail.” There are many reasons that marijuana should be legalized. Legalizing marijuana would free up our communities resources to fight crime against people and property. If the government legalized marijuana the police could worry more about protecting innocent people from the people that would still commit crimes that have nothing to do with marijuana. It would also clear up the court system. There just is not enough judges to handle all the cases upon cases. This would entirely clear out the tens of thousands of court dockets across the United States. It would also clearly reduce the official corruption problem that we have in the United States. There are so many crooked cops in the United States that it is ridiculous. There are police officers that make deals with drug dealers and some that confiscate drugs and turn around and sell them for their own profit. Legalizing marijuana would put a damper on organized crime. It is like when alcohol was illegal. Manufacturing alcohol was a big deal. They set up distribution networks, bribing officials, and taking the chance of shooting policeman or competitors once in a while. It was just like the drug life is today. Legalizing marijuana would save tax money. The taxes that the people of the United States pay are wasted. “The cost of drug trafficking alone is $6.2 billion in 1986. If we added in incarcerating users, traffickers, and the ones that commit crime to pay for their drugs it would cost well over $10 billion dollars.” (The Pragmatist para 6 (1988) Legalizing marijuana would make it a lot safer for consumers. Right now there is no telling what could be put into the marijuana that people buy off the streets. If it were legal it would have all the consumer safety features. It would have everything from warning labels, warning labels, manufacturer accountability, product quality, and instruction sheets. Then, of course there are reasons...