To Kill a Mockingbird: The Scottsboro Boys Trail

Topics: White people, Black people, Great Depression Pages: 2 (587 words) Published: May 21, 2011
Amber Jazwiecki
Mr. Rosenbaum
February 21, 2011

English Research
To Kill a Mockingbird

1. The Scottsboro Trials are about when 9 black young men were arrested for assault and later raping two white women on a train coming from Paint Rock, Alabama. Later the court found all nine guilty and they were sentenced to death. A few years later the public found out that the white women were lying but only one of the men were retried and that one man was sentenced to life in prison for not doing anything. It affected America by showing how the court system was segregation in the 1930’s. 2. My feelings about the Scottsboro trials are all negative. I think this is unjust and unreasonable punishment for the nine black men. They didn’t do anything wrong and the court took the word of two white women which isn’t right. This whole trial was based on lies and racism. 3. The authorities in the Scottsboro trial were totally wrong. They based their accusations on segregation. If it was white men raping white women they would’ve been let off after learning that the women were lying. 4. The authorities obviously based the accusations on racism. Like I said if It were white men raping those women they would’ve let them go. 5. The decision to sentence all the men effected how America viewed black people. It made the ordeal of segregation a bigger situation than it already was. 6. At the end of the trial all were tried and sentenced to either death or life in prison. Later one was released by 1989 the last of the Scottsboro boys died. 7. Starting in the 1880’s the Jim Crow laws were enforced. They were what gave segregation its name. It prevented the races from doing anything together. 8. The Jim Crow Laws were enacted because of racial disagreement. All the Southern states wanted to limit the freedom of newly freed slaves. 9. The Jim Crow Laws had a selfish purpose. They were created to enforce segregation in schools, transportation, hotels...
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