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11.) I believe that the current fashions in education are quite stupid and do not benefit her to her best ability and are boring and is not advancing challenging or helping her in any way shape or form. Her feelings convey her strong intellect and how she values education 12.) The risky behavior that scout and jem engage in is attempting to make contact with the radley household 13.) Because they have no other activity to partake in so they get bored and they start a game using boo story it then evolves to something bigger and bigger as the summer goes on. 14.) He immediately is opposed to it and is quite angry, This shows his compassion to everyone no matter what they are going through or what kind of person they are or seem to be 15.) flivver: another name for a Model-T Ford; stumphole whiskey: illegally made and sold whiskey that would be hidden in the holes of tree stumps.; Indian-heads: Before the Lincoln penny, there were Indian-head pennies; Lane cake: a rich white cake; Bootleggers: people who make and/or sell illegal liquor CHAPTER 5 QUESTIONS

16.) The relationship between dill and scout is complicated to say the least. They are and have been friends for years but dill towards the middle of the book starts to treat her kind of rudely and constantly is making fun of her, and in response scout just returns the favor; yet even though they are fighting through all of this they still stay great friends. His treatment to scout is very typical for men at the time to treat women like the lesser for that is the way it was back then. 17.) The Finches’ neighbor, a sharp-tongues widow, and an old friend of the family. Miss Maudie is almost the same age as Atticus’s younger brother Jack. She shares Atticus’s passion for justice and is the children’s best friend among Maycomb’s adults. She is quite typical of the women in one way and in another completely different. She is definetly the childrens favorite Adult in Maycomb besides their father. 18.) Atticus understands the sanctity of privacy and that Boo deserves respect rather than children playing games. Atticus says that Boo like all people deserves his dignity, “What Mr. Radley does is his own business.”I think that he is right I would not want kids making fun of my life and the decisions I have made or the rumors going around about me. CHAPTER 6 QUESTIONS

19.) Dill and Jem plan to sneak over to the Radley Place and peek in through a loose shutter. Scout accompanies them, and they creep around the house, peering in through various windows. Their coverup for the activity is that they were playing match stick poker 20.) No one in particular is blamed for the trespassing but it was believed to be an anonymous negro and he Mr.Radley said he shot him in his yard. This shows the very apparent racial differences among people in the community and all over the country that stuff was common at that time. 21.) Fear is created by the chance of Scout and Jem getting caught for trespassing on the radley land for they were they the ones who actually did do it. CHAPTER 7 QUESTIONS

22.) In my opinion Jem fears the the gifts in the trees I believe because he is quite hesitant to take them at first. 23.) The kids decide to leave a note in the knothole of the Radley tree. However, when they get there, Mr. Nathan Radley is filling up the hole with cement. Because he's there, they can't leave the note. When Jem asks Nathan why he's filling it up, he says, "Tree's dying. You plug 'em with cement when they're sick. You ought to know that, Jem." But as Jem discusses this with Atticus, Atticus tells him that the tree looks just fine--green leaves and all. After Jem was by himself for awhile, Scout noticed that he'd been crying. "His face was dirty in all the right places."

Jem had realized that his "friend" Boo had been taken away from him. He now had no chance at communicating with him anymore, and he realizes this. Scout, however, is clueless. She has no idea...
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