To Kill a Mockingbird Novel vs. Film

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In the book ‘To Kill a Mockingbird” by “Harper Lee” there were many characters that the movie that was released shortly the book was published and became a best seller. After reading the book, and then watching the movie, I have made some observations on what characters were not mentioned or described in the movie and what bits and plots were not there. To start off with characters, I noticed that there were to characters that were dropped from the book and were not included in the movie remake. There was Uncle Jack and Dolphus Raymond. There are many scenes that I realize are missing in the movie remake of the book “ To Kill a Mockingbird”. For starters, I realize that you never see scouts teacher Mrs. Caroline. In chapter 2 in the novel, you are introduced to Mrs. Caroline and the Cunningham family when scout had to explain to Mrs. Caroline about Walter. Mrs. Caroline asked if Walter Cunningham wanted money for lunch because he had none and Scout was the only student that could explain how the Cunningham family doesn’t borrow or take money from any family or person.

Another part that was different is it never mentions Judge Taylor’s house being broken into in chapter 27 in the book. Not once in the movie was it mentioned to anyone that the judge’s house was broken into. “ Judge Taylor clumped to the back porch to let Ann out and found the screen door swinging open. A shadow on the corner of the house caught his eye, and that was all he saw of his visitor.”(Lee, 333) This quote is in the book and is proof that Judge Taylor, when home alone, had an intruder in his house and just left before he saw them!

The last scene that I noticed was absent in the movie but was in the book was when Atticus and Mr. Underwood caught Jem, Scout and Dill in the courthouse when Calpurnia ran in with a letter from Atticus’s sister, Aunt Alexandra. “I know where they are Atticus, Mr. Underwood spoke up....
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