To Kill a Mockingbird Movie/Book Compare and Contrast

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  • Published : December 17, 2012
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Although we enjoyed reading To Kill a Mockingbird, we were eager to see the film version. We were somewhat disappointed in the movie because it left out some of the main scenes. On the other hand, the movie is 2 hours and 9 minutes. The movie never leaves you predicting what will happen next. Nevertheless, our opinions are that we favored the book over the movie.

Everyone in the class notices many differences between the book and the movie. Provided that the book gives detail that the movie cannot show it is a missing part in itself. Aunt Alexandra was not even mentioned in the movie. You didn’t see Scout changing from a young and reckless child, into a mature young lady. That is a colossal piece missing from this movie. Also, nothing was ever shown about finding the gum in Boo Radley’s yard. When Scout told Jem that she took the gum from the Radley property, it informed the readers that Boo would be disturbing enough to set up a poisonous trap for the the children.

Mrs. Dubose was an iconic character in this book, she gave the fear to the children. Although the children are terrified of Boo Radley, Boo stays inside, Boo never has never personally given Scout and Jem a reason to be scared of him. In the book, Ms Dubose, was the mean and bitter lady who no one wanted to spend time with. Consequently, when Jem destroyed Mrs. Dubose’s camellia bushes, he had to spend his time with a woman who he could not tolerate. This showed that the children would obey Atticus’s discipline. However, the movie didn’t show Mrs. Dubose but once. When Mrs. Dubose died, the children never knew why Atticus was so nice to her; but they shortly found out that Atticus was talking of Mrs.Dubose’s will and she was an addict of morphine.

The court case between Mayella and Tom Robinson was the longest scene in the movie. In the book, the case took at least a few chapters to come to a complete end. Mr. Ewell tried to be clever and wise with Atticus in the book. Atticus tried many...
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