To Kill a Mockingbird - How Is Boo Radley Miss Understood in Maycomb

Topics: Truth, The Reader, Want Pages: 2 (694 words) Published: May 9, 2013
Arthur ‘boo’ radley
At the start of the novel ‘boo’ is described as a “malevolent phantom”. Boo is never seen outside the house. ”phantom” shows us that harper lee wants to hint that boo haunts his house like a ghost would. The fact that “phantom” is used and ghost isn’t means that the reader is meant to think that boo is evil. This is backed up by the word “malevolent” showing that boo wishes to harm others something only a “phantom” would do. This idea of Boo being a “phantom” is further enforced by the fact “ a negro would not cross the place at night” this shows that the most empathetic section of maycomb society won’t go anywhere nere the place out of fear of boo and only the children will go near it “on a dare” this helps the reader get the image of a monster house with boo as its keeper. On one night some of maycomb’s children go to see boo in the night, they manage to reach the door but the ”radleys bloody fangs” are reviled in a gunshot toward them. This was a ‘’ misunderstanding ‘’ mr radley though they were stealing his potatoes but this shows the level of sececy that the radleys take. This also shows the Americas attude towards guns and property. Because of boo’s vilent past towards his family he “ drove the scissors into his parent’s leg”. He is surpected of “any stealthy crimes “that occur in maycomb. This is without any evidence which shows that boo is used as a scape goat in the town to explain anything unknown especially to children. Maycomb’s children do not know anything about the real boo saying he “dines on raw squirrels2 this is obvisly childhood imagination. Harper lee shows us the mistary of boo from a childs perspective and the apochryphat tales have sparned. It also shows that no one has told them about why he was metaphorically “chained” up in the “phantom[s]”house. Harper lee uses the word “dines” to suggest that boo is a refined character with manors. But when you pair it up with “squirrels” it suddenly has a sister undertone....
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