To Kill a Mockingbird Essay

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  • Published : March 25, 2012
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To Kill a Mockingbird Essay
Justice is the most strongly explored theme in To Kill a Mockingbird. Many themes are incorporated in the novel; however Harper Lee puts emphasis on the particular theme of justice. From a young, innocent perspective, the reader is given the unbiased observations of a judgemental community. Justice is the most powerful theme in the novel because it is still so relevant in modern society and there will always be a continuous cycle of issues debatable in justice. The Tom Robinson case of To Kill a Mockingbird represented the social injustice directed toward black people. A quote spoken by Atticus, “In our courts, when it’s a white man’s word against a black man’s, the white man always wins. They’re ugly, but those are the facts of life.”(p 243) demonstrates that Tom Robinson was very much a victim of this society. Negros were treated unfairly, socially and morally, but like how Atticus puts it, it was just a fact of life. A black man could be falsely accused by a white even though he did nothing wrong. This brings up the concept of “killing a mockingbird” which is a recurring motif in the novel. Just like a mockingbird, Tom Robinson was innocent and harmless. This goes on to show the injustice against black people expressed in the Tom Robinson case. Atticus Finch’s belief that all humans are equal drove him to defend Tom Robinson. Even though he was more than certain that Tom Robinson would lose the case because of his skin colour, Atticus defended him because he believed that everyone was equal and that people should not be judged by the colour of their skin but by their character. “You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view...until you climb into his skin and walk around in it.”(p 35) was quoted by Atticus. As a lawyer, Atticus fought for justice and equality for a living. However, it was evident from the beginning that Mayella Ewell was going to win the court case simply because she was...
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