To Kill a Mockingbird Characters Comparison

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  • Published : January 12, 2012
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To Kill a Mockingbird Characters Comparison
Calpurnia vs. Aunt Alexandra
By: Patrick Anderson
In the book To Kill a Mockingbird I thought that the two characters that would be best to compare would be Calpurnia and Aunt Alexandra. I picked these two for a couple reasons. One they are both against each other, seeing as Aunt Alexandra wants to fire Calpurnia. Another is they are both alike in a way, they are both mother figures in Scouts life.

One reason Calpurnia and Aunt Alexandra being mother figures to scout is because when scout was little her mother passed away. So they had Cal to do all their cooking and cleaning and being a mother, which made cal like a mother figure. Also because scouts mom passed away Aunt Alexandra tried to be more like a mother figure to scout. In ways such as making her dress and act more like a woman. So since scout has been little both of them have been a mother figure together in helping scout become a responsible young lady.

Another reason they are alike is because they both try to keep Scout and Jem out of trouble. In the book a lot Jem and Scout get into a hand full of trouble, and are trying to be kept out of the many troubles by cal and aunty. For example in the book it is the big day. The trial of Tom Robinson whom Atticus is defending. So in the morning Atticus tells Jem and Scout not to go to the court to see the trial. So they went anyway disobeying Atticus. So Cal and Aunt Alexandra went crazy trying to find the kids, and almost calling the cops. This to me is showing an example of both a mother like figure and a loving guardian because they are trying to find them and keep them out of trouble.

With the many likes there are dislikes between Cal and Aunt Alexandra. In my opinion the book is very strong in describing the two characters. In the book they describe Cal as a caring mother figure who is a strong black woman who is just helping the finches, and on the other hand they describe Aunt...
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