To Kill a Mockingbird Chapters 22-31 Questions

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  • Published : February 28, 2013
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Chapter 22:
1.Atticus is extremely disappointed and walks out of the courtroom after the verdict is announced.

2. When Miss Maudie is explaining that they had people like Atticus, she was telling Jem that there were people in this world who do not fall into mob mentality. She tries to explain that even though Atticus did not win, he had got the town "thinking" for themselves for a change, rather than act on prejudice alone. He has created respect for the individual.

3.Miss Maudie says they have at least made a baby step in the right direction because she knows that the jury actually contemplated weather or not they were going to convict Tom which means the towns were looking past prejudices for once.

4. Dill says he wants to be a clown that laughs at people instead of people laughing at him. This means that Dill wants to laugh at people (society) because they are being so dumb in the Tom Robinson court case.

Chapter 23:
1. Atticus doesn’t take Bob Ewells threat seriously because he thinks that Mr. Ewells just taking his anger on Atticus.

2. a)In a courtroom, if a defendant is put on a stand with only circumstantial evidence, that person is entitled to reasonable doubt. Circumstantial evidence means the acquitted person was there at the time of the offense, but there's no actual proof like DNA and things like that. b)People always believe white men before black because of prejudices. c)People have already made up there minds before even hearing a word of the case because of racism and prejudices. d)Sooner of later people are going to realize how wrong they treated people of different race and they are going to pay for it.

3. a) Atticus believes the Cunninghams are honest hard working people. b)Alexandra believes the Cunninghams are lower class, trash.

4. Jem can’t accept Scout’s opinion because Jem knows its not because in the mostly to kinds of people, the good and the bad.

Chapter 24:
1.The missionary ladies seem to be rather negative, self righteous and hypocritical. Yes it’s typical for these ladies to act like this because I think these characteristics are what brings them together.

2. The irony is that Mrs. Merriweather admires J Grimes Everett and the work he is doing for tribes in Africa while she pays little attention and thinks nothing of the African Americans in her own town.

3. Scout prefers men to women because so in her life the people closest to her are men and she doesn’t seem to like to many of the women.

4. When Ms. Maudie says, "We're paying the highest tribute we can pay a man," that out of everyone in Maycomb Atticus was the only one who would try his hardest to give Tom Robinson a fair trial. To represent him the way he deserved, with all the rights. That no matter what he is faced with; the town trusts him to do right.

5. True ladies know how to but their lip and fake a smile for the sake of others.

Chapter 25:
1. Most of the town believe’s that Tom’s death just shows how dumb black people are(from the perspective of a white person).

2. Although Mr. Underwood holds racist vies himself, his editorial can be likened to Atticus's prior words. In his editorial Underwood writes, "it was a sin to kill cripples, be they sitting, standing, or escaping." He writes that Tom's death was tantamount to the senseless slaughter of songbirds by hunters and children. Atticus had also discussed that killing a Mockingbird is a "sin". The bird tries to bring a little relief in a very harsh world. Tom's actions were no different.

Chapter 26:
1. a) Scout feels bad about all the things she had done just to see Boo. b)Scout still wants to see him but now respects his privacy. c)She’s is glad that Atticus never said anything about their previous activity. d)Scout doesn't seem to express any feelings about the “Current Events” she does pay attention to them, which shows that she is growing up.

2.The irony is that Miss Gate’s hates Hitler because of his racism toward Jews...
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