To Kill a Mockingbird Chapters 16-21 Questions

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Chapter 16:
1. Atticus and his sister disagree on many things, mostly the treatment of colored people and how important the reputation of the finch family is. Alexandra believe that she is above colored people, especially Calpurnia and that Atticus shouldn’t let his children go to church her because it’s a disgrace to their family. Atticus believe that colored people deserve the same amount of respect as white people and that Calpurnia is a member of the finch family and should be treated like one.

2.Atticus says simply a mob is made up of people, despite the location or situation the mob is in. Plain and simple, no labels attached, the mob is just people.

3.Mr. Underwood was covering Atticus at the jail because even though he doesn’t like colored people, he knew Atticus was doing his job but defending Tom Robinson.

4. Mr. Dolphus Raymond like to spend his time with colored people instead of people of his own race. The people of Maycomb despise him for it and think that he only prefers them because he is constantly under the influence of alcohol.

5. Judge Taylor appears to be a very laid back person, but in actuality he listens very carefully to everything people say. I think the Judge purposely acts like this in court so that people think he’s not paying attention and accidentally say something they shouldn’t have, think that he isn’t paying attention anyway.

Chapter 17:
1.Atticus want to reveal that Mayella’s injuries match something that he father could do and not Tom Robinson.

2.The Ewell’s are considered ‘poor white trash’ because the live next to all the colored people, none of them work, Mr. Ewell has seven children, none of them have any manners and none of them bathe regularly.

Chapter 18:
1. Mayella could be described as disgusting because she is an Ewell and they are very poor dirty people and also the way she treats people is dirty (p.240). She could be described as pathetic because she is constantly crying and is trying to...
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