To Kill a Mockingbird Chapter Summaries 1-14

Topics: To Kill a Mockingbird, Bankruptcy in the United States, The Boo Radleys Pages: 8 (2988 words) Published: March 15, 2013
Chapter 1:
* Ancestors came here by river
* Each generation after the first of Simon lived and grew cotton with black slaves until the father Atticus decided to study law * Atticus invested his money in his brother john who studied law when it wasn’t worth growing cotton * Extremely hot weather is what the girl first remembers of the town * Lived on the main street in town Atticus, jem, the girl and the cook Calpurnia (coloured woman) * The girl’s mother died when she was 2 from a heart attack * They meet dill who was spending his summer with his aunt miss Rachael * Dill gained instant respect when he said he’d seen the movie Dracula * Dill wanted to see boo radley who lived in the radley place * Boo radley and the radley place deemed as bad- Negros, say he committed many nocturnal crimes, couldn’t eat the fruit or nuts that fell from his trees, and if a ball went it to his backyard it was deemed as lost, neighbours never called them on a Sunday to come over as all their doors and windows were shut * Mr Radleys boy became involved in the Cunningham’s from old serum a “gang”. Got in trouble and went to court, where he was rather than punished Mr radley made sure he wouldn’t get into trouble again and wasn’t seen for 15 years * Boo radley later stabbed Mr radley and was put in a form of solitary confinement * Mr radley then died later on and his eldest son took over Mr radleys job of overseeing boo radley * Dill dared jem to get Mr boo out of his house and not wanting to be cowardly after taunting by dill he did it. * Rather than getting him out dill compensated and said just to touch the house as jem was scared and jem did it not wanting to be cowardly Chapter 2:

* The girl starts school where on the first day jem accompanies her but tells her to leave him alone during school * The girls extremely smart and can read well beyond her years and embarrasses the teacher * She can also write fluently when she should only just know how to print * Cunningham’s were poor and didn’t take what they couldn’t pay back * Scouts the girls name

* Scout got into trouble for explaining the Cunningham’s situation Chapter 3:
* Jem invited Walter Cunningham to dinner after realising the situation and scout put his head in the dirt for getting him into trouble * Scout got into trouble for telling Walter not to put so much syrup onto his food by Calpurnia * Burris Ellis incident occurs where he gets told to go home to wash himself but when he explains his predicament and is told he has to come back tomorrow even though he never does each year he rages a the teacher making her cry and storms off. * After the argument scout comes home and Calpurnia says she misses having her around * Scout talks to her father about the day’s events.

* Scout says she doesn’t want to go to school anymore and be like the Burris Ellis child. * Atticus tells her the Ellis family get special circumstances because of the way that they live * A compromise is made saying that if scout goes to school he will keep reading with her every night just as long as scout doesn’t say anything about it Chapter 4:

* Scout doesn’t approve of the Dewey decimal system, and believes it can’t stop her or Jem from reading. She also thinks the education system is hiding something from her * On the way home past the Radley house she finds two fresh pieces of gum in a hole in an oak tree and after close inspection at home eats it * Jem tells scout it could be dangerous and to spit it out otherwise he’ll tell Calpurnia * On the last day of summer as scout and jem walked home they found a box in the oak tree which held two old pennies inside * Decide to keep the coins until they find who they belong to * Dill returned for the summer break

* Jem believes boo radleys dead
* As a game scout entered a tyre and was pushed when inside it , but harder than usual...
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