To Kill a Mockingbird Chapter 1 Summary

Topics: Taboo, To Kill a Mockingbird, Atticus Finch Pages: 2 (498 words) Published: October 24, 2010
To Kill A Mockingbird, opens with a quaint look on of the hometown of the main protagonist, Scout, and his family and friends. Scout is a six year-old girl, she and her brother, Jem, live with her father, Atticus. Scout has two close friends, Calpurnia, being a cook, and a short naive boy named, Dill; of whom Jem and Scout met during one summer.

Scout reveals through first person narrative of some social taboo's in, Maycomb; Scout's residing township: Doors or windows left closed or ajar were a sign of being closed-off and unwelcoming. A lack of social interraction in Maycomb is looked down on as being, cowardice. And, least respected; If one was unseen at Church.

The Radley family is also introduced into the story, amok the frenzy of other important information inducted in the opening chapter. Boo Radley, son of the Radley family, is ominous in all of Maycomb. The Radley family represents: shyness, and being plain brutish; as they do not free from practicing every taboo in Maycomb. The Radley family is not originally from Maycomb, as they will forever be seen as outsiders in Maycomb for their attitude.

Dill, being new to Maycomb; is incredibly intrigued with the history of the Radley family being told to him, by Jem and Scout. Dill, being told fair warning from the residents of Maycomb, of the Radley residence, still finds a guilty pleasure in observing their land. As stale rumours of the Radley house reach Dill, he intensifies his interest by daring Jem to touch the house. After much bantering, Dill recieves what he wants: Jem agrees to touch the house.

The chapter ends with, Scout and Jem and the scrawny outlander; Dill, leaving to the Radley house. Dill and Jem reach closer to the house. Jem finally touches the house, fruitioning the dare that Dill preached for days. The night ends (unsuprisingly) with no occurances.

I feel that it is an interesting concept to have the main protagonist as a child; having a default mind,...
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