To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee: Jeremy Atticus Finch's Character Analysis

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  • Published : June 16, 2011
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Jeremy Atticus Finch

In the book “To Kill A Mockingbird” by Harper Lee. A boy named Jeremy Atticus Finch also known as Jem changes socially, mentally, and physically within the chapters of the book. With the help of family and friends  Jems feelings change emotionally and also changes to become more of a matured gentlemen. 

Jem changes socially throughout the book by the feelings he has towards other people. There are many times when Jem start feeling bad for other people in the story, like when him and scout get in a fight but even though their mad at each other he still is grow up enough to know that he should say "Night, Scout."(139).  There are also many other incidents, like when he goes out and teaches Dill how to swim. Jem also goes through some bad social change when he turns twelve. “He is difficult to live with, inconsistent, and moody."(115). As Jem grows he starts to get annoyed by Scout and prefers to spend his time reading about taxes “Oh Scout its like recognizing the taxes system…dry to most men.” scout replies “how do you know?” and Jem tells Scout “Oh, go on and leave me alone. I’m readin’ the paper.”(116,117}      

Mental change is another type of change that Jem goes through.  Jem start to think like an adult as he gets older in the book.  He shows it at the trial of Tim Robinson when the jury is in the jury room and he starts to talk to Reverend Sykes.  He starts saying thing about the trial and Reverend Sykes ask him not to talk like that in front of  Scout. “Jem took exception to Reverend Sykes, and we subjected to a lengthy review of the evidence with Jem’s ideas on the law regarding rape: it wasn’t rape if she let you,….Apparently you had to kick and holler, you had to be over powered and stomped on” “Mr. Jem,” Reverend Sykes demurred, “this ain’t a polite thing for little ladies to hear.”(209). This shows that Jem knows what he is talking about and has the mentality to know what is going on in the trial. There is...
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