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To Kill a Mockingbird by 151373

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To Kill a Mockingbird by 151373

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To kill a mockingbird

In to kill a mockingbird by Harper Lee the unbiases of children are used to show that empathy can come from an ungrown source to bring about the deepest messages. Both Scout and Jem have their parts that show how they are innocent and they see from both sides without even knowing it at all.

Jem earlier on shows empatheticness towards Walter Cunningham because he knew where the Cunninghams were coming fromand that the stae of economy is destryoing them so he offered him some food over at the Finch's house. In the book it starts of where scout was beating of Walter it writes“I stomped at him to chase him away, but Jem put out his hand and stopped me.”. This is where jem made Scout stop because he embarassed her and then he offers the food to him. Also while Jem is growing up it shows him empathizing with other people with different opinions. Showing aging throughout the book shows his empathism. While Atticus and Jem were having a debate on Justice system, Jem feels that prosection of Tom Robinson was not right. This had occurred in chapter 23 when Jem was growing up and in his stage of puberty and he shows that he underdtands the topic that he is speaking about and that he can express his own opinions while feeling Tom Robinson and their family. Jem shows further expressed opinion on the justic system. His unbiased feeling towards the jury is also shown. In To kill a mockingbird Jemsays “ Then it all goes down to the jury then, Oughta do away with them .” When Jem says this he feels the Juries corruption and racism lead to Tom Robinsons demise. The unbiased of this is that the bias of the jury makes him lean toward that side but still is thrown towards the middle because of their towns residences. Jem may still have growing to do but the family that he lives with and his surrounding put a good head on his shoulders.

Scout is the main focus for the show of empathizing towards people because she is the one who learns...

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