To Kill a Mockingbird Answers

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To Kill A Mockingbird Reading Guide Questions

Chapter 1

1. a) Pride in ancestry and “tradition”“Being Southerners, it was a source of shame to some members of the family that we had no recorded ancestors on either side of the Battle of Hastings.” (pg.1,2)-pride in ancestry “It was customary for the men in the family to remain on Simon’s homestead, Finch’s Landing, and make their living from cotton.” (pg.2)- pride in tradition

b) Pride in conformity and distrust of those who are different “Ladies bathed before noon, after their three-o’clock naps…”- pride in conformity “Calpurnia was something else again. she was all angles and bones; she was nearsighted; she squinted; her hand was a wide as a bed slat and twice as hard…”- distrust of those who are different

c) Awareness of difference in social classes “The sheriff hadn’t the heart to put him in jail alongside Negroes…” (pg.14)

d) Narrow span of almost no interest in the world outside Maycomb“…nowhere to go, nothing to buy, and no money to buy it with, nothing to see outside the boundaries of Maycomb county” (pg.6)

2. I believe the story starts on page 7 where it says “That was the summer Dill came to us” . And right after this it goes into an anecdote; “Early one morning as we were beginning our day’s play…” Before this point in the story, the town and the folk in it were being described.

3. As a little boy he got involved with the wrong crowd. The group of boys (including Boo) came before the judge for many reasons including using abusive language in the presence and hearing of a female, assault and many other things. Mr. Radley thought the state industrial school was a disgrace and he wasn’t proud of it. So he asked the judge to release his son and told him Boo Radley would not be the cause of anymore trouble. The Radley boys were not seen for 15 years after this incident. One day after that, Boo was sitting in his living room cutting something from a magazine for his scrapbook, when his father walked in the room and he drove the scissors into his leg, pulled it out and resumed his work. This was at age 33.

4. Boo is fascinating to the children because all the rumours they hear about him make them want to see him. They try many times in the story to provoke him to come out of his house. Another reason is because children are very curious and they would want to see the “unknown entity” that inhabited the house 3 doors down. It is obvious that something very rarely seen becomes of great fascination

Chapter 2

1.The three mistakes that Scout makes on her first day of school of school are (1) getting into a fight (2) reading and writing without Miss Caroline's permission because she was taught by Atticus and (3) having a bad attitude in class; being ignorant. They make Miss Caroline angry because her job is to be a teacher, she cannot teach an ignorant student or a student who jumped ahead of the curriculum. Miss Caroline believes that Atticus cannot teach and that his teaching is interfering with Scouts reading and learning process. 2. The professional people are poor in Maycomb, at this time because the farmers in Maycomb country are poor. Maycomb was a farm county. Trying to give nickels and dimes to doctors and dentist and lawyers was difficult.

3. The WPA is Work’s Progress Administration which was a company who helped to employ workers who were unskilled to carry out public works projects. Mr. Cunningham will not work for them because of his land that he cherishes. If he worked for the WPA, his land would be destroyed and he would starve just to keep his land.

Chapter 3

1. When Walter Cunningham is invited over, Scout questions the way he eats. Calpurnia pulls Scout out of the room and lectures her about manners. Atticus agrees with Calpurnia which tells me that they both respect others and think it is impolite to criticize the way somebody else does something, especially when...
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