To Kill a Mockingbird

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To Kill a Mockingbird

By | July 2011
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To Kill a Mockingbird
Phase 1 Individual Project
Literature: A Mirror of Life

To Kill a Mockingbird2
Maycomb, Alabama is a small old town that is experiencing the sting of an economic depression and everyone is forced to share a common poverty. This town also seems to be very close-knit. The setting for the novel is old-fashioned and seems to be slow-paced. One theme that is being introduced would be the innocence of the children. It seems as if the children do not know about the human nature of being negative or evil because they are children and have never seen or experienced evil. They are naïve and innocent in a sense. I can definitely anticipate how this will turn out.Another theme is courage. Dill made a bet with Jem that challenged Jem’s courage. Jem took the bet to touch the house even though he was very scared to do so. Even as young as they were he still had pride and that pride provided him the courage to follow through with the dare. Curiosity is what made Dill and Jem sneak up to the Radley house to peak into the windows. Also, Jem didn’t want to disappoint Atticus so he went back to the Radley place to get his pants. He had to be scared and he knew it was taking a risk because it was dangerous but he used his courage because he’d rather do something extremely dangerous then have to face his father. Jem had more courage in doing this than letting his father know he had disobeyed him. Another example of courage is when Atticus went into the street to face the rabid dog. His children were very proud although Atticus was uninterested in proving anything to his children. Jem showed a lot of courage when he destroyed Mrs. Dubose’s camellias knowing that she owned a pistol but his rage towards her because of what she’d said about Atticus was worth the risk in his mind. In chapter 11 Atticus shows Jem that courage consists of someone who fights for what is right not...

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