To Kill a Mockingbird

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  • Published : October 4, 2008
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The key of using figurative language in writing is to illustrate to the reader a descriptive image throughout their minds during the story. During the novel, the main characters undergo significant changes created by vivid descriptions with Lee’s use of language. In To Kill a Mockingbird, Harper Lee demonstrates to the reader in his novel, diverse ways of using figurative language to express the ideas he is trying to convey to us. In To Kill a Mockingbird, Harper Lee introduces many ways to the reader of bringing moments in his novel realistic. During the scene of Walter’s dinner with the Finch’s, Lee includes many descriptive words and phrases that we use in our daily life. With Lee’s common phrase such that reveals what was going to happen such as the scene “It was then that Calpurnia requested my presence in the kitchen,” where the reader can relate the tension to what they had experienced in their life. Lee gives a Scout a childish and important role by making her confess out- loud about Walter’s wrong actions. The conversation of Atticus and Walter “like two men”, showing how grown up Walter is. Lee gives the reader a common daily lifetime experience to relate to what he is showing clearer and practical. Another example given by Harper Lee is when Lee illustrates to the reader an apprehensive scene of Jem’s journey to retrieve his trousers back. During his journey of retrieving his trousers back, Lee creates a tense climate in the scene that draws the reader to want to know what was going to occur next. Jem confirmed with Scout of “Atticus ain’t ever whipped me since I can remeber” allowing Lee to make the reader to imagine what was going to happen by making Scout and Jem have their conversation of how serious it was going to be when Atticus found out that Jem had left the house. Lee includes Scout and Jem’s conversation with included pronouns to help him creates the scene simpler and reasonable. Harper Lee’s writing causes the reader to understand...
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