To Kill a Mockingbird

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Walker, Annabelle

English 3

To Kill A Mockingbird Research Paper

10 March 2013

The Similarities of Her Life and Her Fiction

Many authors that write meaningful and classic novels have many ways of finding inspiration for their writing. Harper Lee had things throughout her childhood that she used to create the fictional character Scout Finch, which was meant to be a reflection of herself. The first similarity of their childhoods is that both their fathers were small-town lawyers; the second is that Finch was Lee’s mother’s maiden name, and the third similarity is the character Boo Radley, which was based on an actual person who lived down the street from Harper Lee when she was young.

Nelle Harper Lee, born on April 28th 1962, lived in Monroeville, Alabama and only wrote one book throughout her lifetime, which was To Kill A Mockingbird. “We know that she was a lawyer's daughter, raised in a small Alabama town in the 1930s, just like her plucky narrator Scout Finch” (Shmoop Editorial Team Pg.1). Lee had knowledge of the injustices and prejudices in her small town when she was young, just as Scout had in the book did because of their fathers. In the story, Atticus Finch, the father of Scout, is a lawyer in the town of Maycomb who defends the black man, Tom Robinson, in a trial in which Tom Robinson was innocent, but was believed by all the white townspeople to be guilty. Atticus “stood for truth and fairness” (Shmoop Editorial Team Pg.1). Lee's father, Amasa Coleman Lee, was an attorney, similar to Atticus Finch, and in 1919, he defended two black men accused of murder. He believed in the same values as Atticus, and after the two black were convicted, hanged, and mutilated, he never tried another criminal case.

The second connection to Harper Lee’s life and the book was the last name of the family, Finch, which was Lee’s mother’s maiden name. “Although Scout's mother died when she was a...
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