To Kill a Mockingbird

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  • Published : March 15, 2013
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“To kill a mockingbird” is a magnificent and powerful novel written by Harper Lee, a well-known American writer. It gives a deep insight into human society. The author highlights the theme of moral nature of the human beings – whether they are good and merciful or cruel and evil. It also deals with the problems of racial prejudices, inequality and racial discrimination. In a small Southern town in the 1930’s, it took exceptional courage for a white person to take a stand against racism. In Harper Lee’s novel To Kill a Mockingbird, the main character - a smart experienced lawyer Atticus Finch becomes a fighter for justice and truth. He possesses such traits as being principled, determined, honest and courageous. Atticus goes beyond the racist limitations of his society. By doing so he risks becoming an outcast for the courageous stand he takes. By agreeing to defend a black man falsely accused of having raped a white woman, Atticus demonstrates he is the most courageous person in Maycomb. He not only risks being alienated from the town, he also tries his best to defend his client, Tom Robinson, though he knows his struggle for justice is ultimately doomed, regardless the strength of his character and his good intentions, Atticus is too small to win this fight for justice. As the saying goes: “One man - no man”. The story is told from memories of Atticus’s Finch daughter Scout. She and he older brother Jem become witnesses of great miscarriage of justice in the conviction of Tom Robinson. They are just small children, but even they are surprised and angered by the prejudice and racism that drive Tom's verdict. People seem blinded to the central issues of right and wrong. They accept Tom’s conviction as a forgone conclusion: he is guilty, and nothing can convince them otherwise. Throughout the story we see different characters: both good and bad. The essence of some of them is visible at first...
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