To Kill a Mockingbird

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  • Published : February 3, 2013
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2 Way Mirror
Many people look at themselves in the mirror everyday to see how they look from the outside. How about the inside? Many human’s today have different appearances then their reality. Harper Lee, author of To Kill A Mockingbird, drags on the story with many instances where appearances contrast with reality. She uses irony in her novel on several occasions to illustrate the difference between appearances versus reality. Harper Lee demonstrates that reality is not always how it appears to the eye through three unassuming characters throughout the book.

Harper Lee reveals the truth about the shadowy character, Boo Radley, towards the end of the book. He saves Scout’s brother, Jem. Atticus had said, “Thank you for my children, Arthur”(370). No one would ever expect this to be coming out of anyone’s mouth. Boo Radley is a misunderstood, brave, and gentle character. No one has ever seen Boo Radley step outside of his house, but they have judged him in so many ways. Many people have determined him to be dangerous and creepy by his appearance. Boo Radley has kept his appearance the same since day one, but it takes real strong courage to come out and show his reality to the town. Ever since Boo had showed his true character, everyone’s perspective of him changed. Judging a character by their appearance without knowing their reality isn’t right. Harper Lee demonstrates this fact really well.

Similarly, Harper lee demonstrates the theme with the character of Mr. Raymond. In reality, Mr. Raymond is a sober man, pretending to be drunk. The people of Maycomb County have extremely negative views of him. Harper Lee shows that this certain type of character has a fake appearance, but a hidden reality. Scout asked Mr. Raymond,’ “You mean all you drink in that sack’s Coca-Cola? Just plain Coca-Cola?” “Yes ma’am,” Mr. Raymond nodded” (267). Residents in Maycomb County believe that he drinks whiskey out of a sack, but the reality is that he drinks Coke. Mr. Raymond...
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