To Kill a Mockingbird

Topics: Black people, White people, Human skin color Pages: 1 (380 words) Published: February 2, 2013

Calpurnia is the woman we all see as the mother figure at the Finches house. At the beginning of the book the narrator (scout) shows off Calpurnia as a strict but caring woman, who was always there for the kids. As we get to the point of her confrontation with Lula, we learn more about the character. Harper lee uses dialogue to portray Calpurnia with a split personality and also not being prejudiced.

The dialogue Harper Lee uses in this scene reveals Calpurnia’s Split personality. Scout is the one who notices her split personality. “They’s my comp’ny” Calpurnia says to Lula. At this point she surprises the kids. Scout realizes “ I thought her voice strange”. This was unlike Calpurnia as she usually spoke in full sentences using a more civilized tone of voice, when speaking to either Atticus or the kids, but she didn’t,“ she was talking like the rest of them”. It seems as though Calpurnia changes her personality depending on the kind of people she was around as she said“ Stop right there, nigger”. She was speaking in a ghetto way, which was pretty strange. Even though Calpurnia tries to teach the kids that white and black people are equal and should be treated the same. In this scene it seemed as though she forgot about that.

Also using dialogue, Harper lee portrays Calpurnia as not being prejudiced. Prejudice is seen a lot in the story, white not liking blacks and the blacks not liking the whites. Whereas Calpurnia isn’t part of it, Her split personality shows it too. When Calpurnia is asked why she brings white “chillun” to nigger church. Calpurnia says “it’s the same god, aint it?” this just shows us that Cal doesn’t care about skin color, religion or anything that discriminates people. She believes everyone should be treated equally. She would rather make her opinion of you after she’s known you for a while, instead of a judging a book by its cover. This scene pretty much makes us know more...
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