To Kill a Mockingbird

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Scout Understanding Someone
People learn to understand others. In To Kill a Mockingbird, Scout slowly sees things in different points of view. She acknowledges that Arthur "Boo" Radley is a shy, child-like but nice person. Scout realizes that Miss Caroline is not familiar with Maycomb's ways. She also comprehends Jem. People should observe both sides of the story before they start pointing fingers.

Scout realizes how Boo feels. At first, she thinks Boo is scary. She feels this way because rumor has it that he stabbed his father. She thinks differently when Boo gives her and her brother Jem gifts. Scout is motivated to invite Boo out of his house because she thinks he is nice. At the end, Scout sees that Boo is a hero even though he is asinine. She would like to repay his kindness because he saved her and Jem's life. In conclusion, Scout discovers that Boo is the exact opposite of what she thought of him in the beginning. He is truly an admirable person.

Scout understands Miss Caroline. Before, Scout had misunderstandings with her teacher so she did not want to go back to school. She feels this way because Miss Caroline could not accept the fact that Scout already knew how to read and write. Scout changes when she begins to understand that Miss Caroline did not mean any harm in any of the things she did. As a result, she evidently realizes that she cannot expect Miss Caroline to learn all of Maycomb's ways in one day. Scout knows that they cannot Nguyen 2

hold Miss Caroline responsible when she knew no better. In conclusion, Scout resolves all of her misunderstandings of her teacher with the help of her father's advice. She used it again the next time there was a misunderstanding, but with her brother Jem.

Scout acknowledges Jem. At the beginning, Scout did not understand why Jem stayed silent and moody for a week after his traumatic experience of going back to the Radley house alone in...
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