To Kill a Mockingbid Oral Presentation

Topics: To Kill a Mockingbird, Atticus Finch, Harper Lee Pages: 2 (531 words) Published: April 7, 2013
My name is Jean Louise finch but you all call me Scout. I have an older brother; his name is Jeremy Atticus Finch people call him Jem for short though, he is my only sibling. My best friends name is Dill Harris he comes to Maycomb country every summer holidays and stays with his Aunt Rachel who lives on the same street I live on; Dill and I are planning to get married one day you know. Calpurnia, which we just call her cal, is a Negro and she helps Atticus with jobs around the house and looks after jem and mewhen he is away on business trips or just at work. She has been with us ever since I can remember. My father as you all know is Atticus Finch and he is a local lawyer in our hometown Maycomb Country that is where we live now. He is a strong willed man and sticks to his beliefs even if it means standing out and being different to prove to Jem and I that it is better to do the right thing then the wrong thing.

I am talking to you today about why my father Atticus Finch is defending a Negro man called Tom Robinson. Who is already considered guilty to many of the people in Maycomb for committing the offence of assaulting Mayella Ewell the young daughter of Mr Robert Ewell. According to many of the people in Maycomb just because he is of a different colour or a different race,he is more likely to be guilty of committing any crime than you or I.

Mayella Ewell is nineteen and a half years old. She has been abused, is lonely and unhappy with her life. Her father, Mr Robert Ewell is mostly drunk and unemployed. She is a member of one of the poorest families in Maycomb Country. Were, as Tom Robinson seems to be a pleasant and decent man who loves and cares for his family. Even with the disadvantages of being a black man in a white man’s world.

My Father believes that Tom Robinson is innocent and has proof that he could not cause any of the injuries that Mayella Ewell had sustained from the descriptions given by Mr Robert Ewell and The sheriff. Atticus states...
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