To Kill a Mocking Bird Rewrite-Mayella Ewell's Testimony

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  • Published : November 12, 2012
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Natalie Erdman
Miss Atz
English 9 Honors (Period 4)
15 February 2012
Mayella’s Testimony

I hear someone call my name, my full name
“Mayella Violet Ewell!” I can hear it loud and clear, I’m so scared. I know what really happened but I can’t tell.
I walk toward the witness stand, terrified. I stop before enterin’, take the oath sayin I’ll say the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth; but it’s all a lie, the oath and what I’ll testify.

I’m sittin’ in the stand, lookin’ the best I could, then the questions begin. The questions about the night of November 21 of last year. “Where were you at dusk on that evening?” Mr. Glimer first asks me.

I think real hard, “On the porch.” I reply
“Which porch” he asks, like we are rich nuff to own more than one porch.
“Ain’t but one, the front porch” I retort.
“What were you doing on the porch?”
I don’t recall so I say an answer that probably won’t help, “nothin’”
I guess Judge Taylor didn’t like that answer so he tells me to tell what happened. How can I do that? If I tell them what really happened I’d get in trouble and Papa would get in trouble. If I lie I’m sending a man to jail. So, I decide to lie and send that nigger to jail. “Just do and say what Papa told me.” I repeat that in my head then I continue my story. But then just as I was about to speak I burst into tears. I cover my face so I don’t look like a fool, but it’s no use I am a fool. I regain myself and continue. I just can’t do it. Judge ask if I’m alright, and says there is nothing to be scared of. I say that I know that, but they don’t hear me. I remove my hands from my mouth and point at Mr. Finch and say, “Him.”

Judge Taylor questions me, “Mr. Finch?”
I nod and say, “Don’t want him doin’ me like he done Papa, tryin’ to make him out left handed…” I continue ramblin’ on but Judge cuts me off asking how old I was. “Nineteen and-n-half” I tell him through sobs. He then cleared his throat and tried to tell me that Mr. Finch...
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