To Kill a Mocking Bird: Reading Guide

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  • Published : March 19, 2013
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To kill a mocking bird – reading guide
Part 2 – chapters 12-31

1. Due to Atticus being away on a special session the children are put under Calpurnia’s supervision. She chooses for them to go to church with her. They find that the African American church is very dull and poor but their attitudes and kindness are excellent. They have an encounter with a woman named Lula. “ Lula stopped, but she said “ you ain’t got no business bringin’ white chillun here – they got their church, we got ours. It is our church. Aint it, miss cal?” (131) Lula’s aggressive nature due to the racial diversity in Maycomb County between the white and the African Americans I also believe she may have something against Calpurnia that brings out the aggressiveness in her towards Cal. Other than that mishap Jem and Scout are welcomed in the church die to their father Atticus who is known to stick up for “negroes”. At the end of this endeavour Scout learns about the Tom Robinsons case although she doesn’t fully understand the circumstances in which he was accused. 2. The advantages scout sees of her aunt Alexandra coming to stay with them in Maycomb is that there would be more feminine presence in the house, which didn’t really bother her at all. The disadvantages out weighed the advantages such as, her aunt being a control freak, she got her own way all the time, she pushed scout to be more lady like and that with her aunt around her freedom would become limited . 3. Jem, Scout and Dill continue to think about Boo Radley due to the way in which boo’s life some way related to Dill’s own. They thought why didn’t he just run away like dill did. “why do you reckon Boo Radley’s never run off?” (159) They also grow up to learn that maybe Boo was better off being inside, rather than being outside in the troubles of the world outside. 4. Mr underwood plays the part of Atticus’ backup, of the night when the lynch mob tried to take tom out of jail, But through the course of the novel...
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