To Kill a Mocking Bird Outline.

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  • Published : April 20, 2013
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6.02 Reasearch Paper Outline.

Directions: Fill in the blanks to create a draft of your outline Title ___Is to Kill A mocking Bird A timeless Clasisic.________________________________________________ Paragraph I:The Great Novel To Kill A Mocking Bird Stands As A Timless Classic Due To Many Different Reasons Based On Knowledge Apon Morality,Maturity,And Racism.

A. Can One Race of People Stand Out To be More Superior To the Other?
B. Hate Crimes Subject African Amercians As victims
C. Thesis statement (Make it only ONE sentence):
Harper Lee expresses Three Main forms of Racism predjuice of outsiders,stereotypes and discrimination. **Remember, you have to PROVE your thesis for this paper**
Paragraph II: __________Narration Of Background_______________ (Put your topic here. Remember 1 idea per paragraph)
A. Exploting others for own personal gain
B. Racism taking advantage of minorities innonce.
C:Mayella Ewell Calling An innoncent Black Man(Tom Robinson)Into Her Home. Paragraph III: ___Conformation/Argument.______________________(Put your topic here. Remember 1 idea per paragraph)
A: Atticus knows that Tom is Innocent,due to the knowledge he has apon him,along with the morality he himself has an character.
B: Just like the Ewells story used against Tom,Racism is based apon personal gain.
C: Atticus advice towards scout shoes his maturity level when he defends Tom"You never can really know a man until you climb his skin,and walk around in it". Paragraph IV: _______Lessons Within A story_________________(Put your topic here. Remember 1 idea per paragraph)

A: Topics Discussed apon knowledge,maturity,and racism Let the reader decide.
B:There is no inequality in america.
c.Morality is overlooked
Paragraph V:To kill A mocking Bird Still With Stabds its releveance due to the issues being discussed at the time still occuring today.
A. Naration of background.
B. Conformation/Argument
C: Lessons Within A story
C.Did you...
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