To Kill a Mocking Bird Athor Research Paper

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“To kill a mocking bird,” is a story Harper lee written to enlighten those who take part in reading this heroic novel, about how acts of racism in America takes place in Monroeville, Alabama. Not only does it tell about Intolerance acts against blacks, it also speaks about the social injustice they were faced with. Lee writes this parable from firsthand experience; for instance when she was a child she witnessed the trial of the Scottsboro boy’s. The choice to write, “To kill A Mocking Bird” was a simple but yet tough decision to live with, because of the pain and suffering she remembered the nine boys endured since their skin color was black. Using personal experience to express how she responded to the case in her writing, made it easier to write about and not only was it easy but she enjoyed writing at the same time. During the roaring 1920s, women’s role in society was not highly respect as though it is today. For Lee writing this novel during the 20s meant she had to be a very strong and outspoken person. Even as a child, she was brave and willing to speaking out against anything that wasn’t right. As she acquired more knowledge of the society she was apart of, Lee slowly realizes that society she believes to be somewhat wrong was completely wrong. Not only were blacks treated wrong but also women had no rights. Through the years developing her writing skills she chose to speak about the most accruement social problems of America racism and social injustice. Witnessing the events of the Scottsboro trial and personal problems being a women writer defending blacks, inspired her to write the case of Tom Robinson in To Kill A Mockingbird. Having gained that experience it allowed her to have exact details that she was able to incorporate in to her form of expression, while writing. Lee was the kind of writer that was clear and concrete. Over the years of writing for her farther at the newspaper post in Alabama and continuing on in college she found many styles...
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