To Kill a Mocking Bird

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To Kill a Mockingbird
Questions and Answers
Chapter: 1
1.What point of view is the story told in?
The story is written in first person limited omniscient.

3. The narrator goes by the nickname “Scout.” What is her real name? The narrator’s real name is Jean Finch.

5. What happened to Jem and Scout’s mother?
She died of a heart attack before the events in the book took place, when Scout was two years old and Jem was six.

7. Who is Dill?
Dill is Jem and Scout’s summer neighbor and friend.

9. What courageous act does Jem perform at the end of this chapter? Jem runs up to Boo Radley's house and touches it with his hand. Since all the children in the neighborhood are afraid of Boo Radley, this act is considered "courageous."

Chapter: 2-3
11. What compromise does Atticus make with the narrator after hearing this? If she will keep on going to school, they will go on reading every night just as they always have.

13. Why does Miss Caroline tell Burris Ewell to go home?
He was gross and had lice. Also he was being disobedient.

15. How is Calpurnia a good influence on Scout?
She disciplines Scout in ways that will help her in the future; she is always there for Scout when she needs her.

Chapters 4-5.
17. Describe the new game the kids start to play.
They started playing the “Radley” family. Jem was Boo, Scout was Mrs. Radley, and Dill was Mr. Radley.

19. How does Mrs. Maudie feel about Arthur “Boo” Radley?

Chapter 6.
21. Why doesn’t Scout want jem to go back to retrieve his pants? They heard a gin shot, and she doesn't want Nathan Radley to shoot him.

Chapter 7-8.
23. Why does Nathan Radley tell the children he sealed the knothole shut with cement? Do you believe him? Why or why not? Support your response with a specific detail from the novel. To keep Boo from leaving things in the tree for Scout and Jem. No, i think he did this to cut off his brother's contact with the children.

25. In chapter...
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