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Topics: English language, United Kingdom, Teaching English as a foreign language Pages: 5 (1708 words) Published: November 18, 2011
As an english teacher one question always raked my brains that is when a person from one state ,for example andhra pradesh stays in kerala for 2 years he could easily communicate in malayalam, of course he may not know how to read and write unless he learns the script, then why the students of telugu medium background even though they have english as a subject from 3 rd garde and wrote many exams and finish their schooling with more marks find it difficult to communicate in english? For the past few years i have been instructing english in various engineering colleges in and around hyderabad. Here most of the students have their education in government schools where the medium of instruction is telugu and has telugu medium background upto their 10th class. Here most of the students find it difficult to communicate in english. The objective of this article is to proclaim what might be the reasons for the poor level of communication skills among the students and what methodologies one can follow to improve their ignored language skills like listening and speaking. Some of my observations of the colomnist for the poor level of communication skills among the students follows below..... 1) Lack of proper guidance: students are focussing on improving their communication skills after their graduation only when they were getting rejected by employers. So it is better from the school level to improve their spoken skills. 2) In most of the schools in andhra paradesh from the lower classes out of the 4 basic skills of english language only 2 skills reading and writing are given importance and listening and speaking are neglected. 3) Lack of exposure to formal environments is another cause of the above problem. In some schools, guidance is available but the students do not get proper opportunities for exposing themselves to public speech in English or even in Telugu. It is applicable to a great extent in some colleges 4) Another cause is the family background of the students, specially the educational background of the members of the family. The parents of most of the students themselves have their formal education in their mother tongue and some of them are illiterate. While this is not a drawback, what is significant is the fact that most family members did not have adequate interaction with their children in various capacities. Guidance from within the family was not available to the majority of the students. 5) There is a lack of educational facilities such as library, or easy availability of reading materials in the book shops, etc. in the areas in which these students live. 6. Most of these students have opted to study through the Telugu medium, mainly because they could not afford to go to English medium private schools. While there is great appreciation for education and the benefits good education brings in terms of jobs, economic and social status, parents of these students often feel helpless.

7. These students have been speaking in their respective dialects or mother tongue Telugu since childhood, with no exposure to speaking in English. Suddenly they are asked to use English for their academic communication, and so they feel absolutely handicapped. 8. Lack of confidence is another reason. I have come across an interesting fact that some of the students who can speak English well are unable to speak it due to lack of confidence. Lack of confidence engenders hesitation and people avoidance. 9. Another cause is the ongoing struggle of these students to translate their thoughts from Telugu into English. Most do not succeed in this attempt. 10.There is a tremendous influence of mother tongue on learning English in these students and the effect of non usage of English other than the classroom is one of the major factors influencing the English language development.

While making students acquire any second language generally first we expose them to listening, speaking,then reading and writing.However, in real life...
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