To Heaven and Back

Topics: God, Bible, Afterlife Pages: 3 (952 words) Published: April 29, 2013
Katie Lachmann
Feb, 17 2013
To Heaven and Back

What happens to us after we die? Is this world all life has to offer, or does our soul live on forever? Many people have near death experiences every day, there are a few that even get to experience a world beyond the one we live in. Their souls travel to heaven. There have been many incidents of people experiencing out of body encounters, with the first one documented dating all the way back to 1688. All the people experience many of the same things. They have the feeling of being out of ones body, are very quiet and feel at peace, they will meet with one or more “beings of light”, have a life review, and gain a new prospective on life and death. Two people that have amazing stories about their trip to heaven include Colton Burpo and Dr Eben Alexander. Colton Burpo and Dr Eben Alexander along with the bible prove that our lives do not end when our time on the physical world does; we live on in heaven.

No one can know what heaven is like, because to go to heaven you must die. However, Colton Burpo came back to life not long after her died, and lives today to tell about his journey to heaven. Colton Burpo was four years old when his appendix ruptured. Colton nearly died in surgery and was in a coma for seventeen days. To this day Colton believes that he did die, and he went to heaven. At age four Colton was able to describe his trip to heaven in great detail. In heaven he was greeted by angles who sang beautiful songs to him. Colton then meet his great grandfather, and his baby sister his mom lost due to miscarriage. He also had an encounter with Jesus and John the Baptist. He was able to tell his parents everything that they where doing while Colton was unconscious. Things the parents did not even know about each other. His descriptions of heaven were spot on with the descriptions of heaven in the Bible. His parents went on to ask him questions about his trip and from that they wrote the...
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