To Examine the Effectiveness of Internal Organizational Communication Can Reduce Workplace Conflicts at Bmw Private Limited.

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  • Published : November 3, 2008
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To examine the effectiveness of internal organizational communication can reduce workplace conflicts at BMW Private Limited.

Effective internal communications starts with effective skills in communication, including basic skills in speaking, listening, questioning and sharing feedbacks. Perhaps the most common problem faced by management is the lack of awareness understanding some piece of information being conveyed to the reception not clear which leads to misunderstandings. Unless management to understand and fully supports the resolution that organizations must have high degrees of communications, conflict and communication problems will not be addressed in the workplace.

The literature reviews shows some fundamentals of organizational communication stand out as broadening the scope and recognizing the importance of communication in the organization process. Nobel Laureate Herbert Simon wrote in 1947 about “organization communication systems”, saying communication is “absolutely essential to organizations”. In 1951 Bavelas and Barrett wrote An Experimental Approach to Organizational Communication in which they stated that communication “is the essence of organized activity”.

In this paper, the writer will examine the effectiveness of internal organizational communication of BMW Private limited (a company established under the law of India).

Research Questions and Objectives

The main objectives of the Project are:

To investigate the current communication methodologies being used at BMW, in which a message is constructed and encoded by a sender, transmitted through some channel, then received and decoded by a receiver. •To analyze the strategic ways of internal communication from published sources and research papers as foundation upon which any theory should rest. •To identify solution and method to improve the internal communication of BMW


The objective of the writer is to review the overall...
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