To Drill or Not to Drill

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  • Published : June 9, 2012
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“To drill or not to drill, that is the question”
I think that this is a very difficult question to have to answer. I can see where both sides are coming from because in one sense drilling off the coast and in the Gulf of Mexico would help save our country money because we would not have to buy our oil from other countries. I also think it is somewhat of a good idea because if we were to drill here instead of buying our oil from other countries it would help provide more jobs for Americans which we really need. I also believe that on the other hand it would be better to continue buying our oil from other countries because drilling off the coast here could easily cause water pollution and could kill our water animals. “People concerned about the environmental damage drilling can cause are outraged.”(Should We Drill, Scholastic News-Edition 5/6, 4/26/2010, vol. 78 Issue 22, p4-5, 2p)I would say if I had to pick a side I would have to say that we should continue to buy our oil from foreign countries because I feel like we have too much at stake if we drill ourselves. I think that after the BP oil spill and with the people that died and as bad as it polluted our water that we really should not take any chances. “Environmentalists criticize the administration for re-opening deep water drilling even though the technical problems that led to the gulf oil spill have not been fixed.”(Deep Water Oil Drilling: why Obama is okay with angering left and right, Mark Clayton, Christian Science Monitor, 1/26/2012, pN.PAG, 1p)If I had to pick some of the key habits that are hindering my decision on what side to take in this matter, they would be that if we drill on our own soil it could do a lot of damage to our waters and the animals that occupy them. I also believe that we should save our oil for when our earths oil supply is getting low because then we still have ours left to use when we need it. In order to overcome the habits that are hindering my decision I would have to be...
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