To Divorce or Not to Divorce

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  • Published : January 9, 2013
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To Divorce or Not to Divorce?
Mark Ghantous
Mrs. Diala Encel
Sophomore Rhetoric 202
December 13, 2011

To Divorce or Not to Divorce?
Divorce, being the final step in a detrimental marriage, brings upon the gruesome decision as to whether a married couple wishes to end that once made commitment they had for each other. Aside from it terminating the love and harmony the couple must have once encountered, it annihilates the legal duties and authorized responsibilities among the two. As opposed to the present, divorce was rare in ancient times; it varied significantly according to the culture and was limited to only a few serious cases. Prior to 1857, divorce was choice only men could make; it needed to be accepted by an act of parliament in the majority of countries supporting it, and it was a very expensive process making it available only to the rich. Hitched woman by law were categorized into mentally challenged, dumb or outlaws and their own children were not even “theirs” on paper. In 1858, history was rewritten; Caroline Norton, a victim of an abusive marriage battled for justice persistently until her bill was passed by law allowing woman of all groups to file for divorce thereafter. Plenty of studies state that children are much better off growing up with parents of any kind, be it happy or unhappy (The Compatibility Factor, 2007). Would that still be the case if per say violence was involved? Some would agree that divorce is a must under certain household conditions where abuse and disagreement may exist, while others view it from a much rather opposing perspective. Marital discontent, since the beginning, has come from an array of reasons diverging from depression, work reversals, verbal abuse to infidelity and betrayal. One very common reason leading to the departing decision is, and will remain to be domestic violence, “a form of mental or psychological abuse as well as the threats of being abused” (Domestic violence screening,...
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