To Determine If Sleep or Lack of Sleep Can Cause Obesity Among University Students

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To determine if sleep or a lack of sleep can cause obesity among University students Introduction:

The question in front of physicians now is “can sleep or the lack of sleep cause obesity?” recent research findings say yes, but is it true? They say that a lack of sleep makes you gain fat. Sleeping less can cause changes in complex metabolic pathways that control your appetite, food intake and energy expenditure. But are they correct? I have chosen the topic, the relationship of the number of hours of sleep and weight because I want to falsify the claim that we tend to gain weight or be heavier if we would sleep less. I think people should lose weight since we use less energy when sleeping and we tend to use more energy when awake. I conducted the research to know if the claim is really true or not. I also used university students as my sample population because in today’s society, when students enter into university there is an academic and personal transition that can sometimes cause an imbalance in regular eating and sleeping habits.


This research aims to falsify the claims that if you would sleep less, you would gain weight, and you would lose weight if you would sleep more. It also aims at knowing the real effect of sleep to the weight of students attending a sample university Data Collection:

This research covers the weight and number of hours of sleep of 50 first and second year Diploma students from the University of Trinidad and Tobago.
This research is limited to UTT students only with ages ranging from 18-24 Population description: This project entailed that the survey be conducted amongst two significant groups, a year 1 diploma population and a year 2 diploma population. The year 1 diploma population would be individuals of the University of Trinidad and Tobago of all ages, and gender. The year 2 diploma students would also be individuals of University of Trinidad and Tobago of all ages, and gender. Each individual would be randomly selected via a specific process detailed below. Sample description: This survey involved two samples, one sample of 25 individuals who were each randomly selected from year 1 Diploma at UTT and another sample of 25 individuals who were randomly selected from year 2 Diploma at UTT. Each actual population is greater than 200 supporting the independence of the survey. Sample selection process: Two separate populations would be obtained using two lists; one, a list of year 1 diploma students and the other, a list of year 2 diploma students form the faculty advisors at the University. For each separate group the following process was performed once: This sample, one that is a simple random sample because each of the individuals involved have an equal chance of being selected and are not divided into particular blocking of characteristics within their own population. So in using the list, all individuals were alphabetized by first name and given a number from 000-200. Each individual was then randomly selected for the consistent sample size of 25 individuals. A random digit generator program on a scientific calculator (provided by a lecturer) was used to help randomly choose the sample size numbers. Entering the correct key strokes, the numbers 000-200 were generated randomly, and with each generated number the first twenty-five numbers which corresponded to an individual was the individual selected for the study and any repetition was disregarded. Study Process: The following was also performed twice, once for each sample: The selected individuals of the sample were placed in a room and given the survey to complete. Selected individuals then took a few minutes of their time to answer the multiple choice questions and then dropped the survey in a box provided. In this system, each individual’s response remained anonymous. Then...
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