To Design an Automated Web-Based IQ Test

Topics: Dataflow, Data flow diagram, Entity-relationship model Pages: 8 (2420 words) Published: July 3, 2011

Establishing high quality career guidance and counseling programs is important in an institution. Utilizing career guidance and counseling system promotes improved course selection for the students leading to benefits for learners, who are more pleased with their selection, and benefits for the institutions which experience a lower drop-out rate. Good career guidance can also help decrease the gap between education and underemployment and is thus considered an effective means of improving the status of an institution in the public perception.

Today, people should expect to make multiple career changes throughout their lives and continually upgrade their skills. The importance of establishing a quality career guidance program is particularly important if today’s learners are to successfully adapt, and continue to adapt, to future labor market challenges.

Guidance counseling began as a service for college and high school students. Guidance counselors offer discussion and information students need to make wise decisions regarding educational and career opportunities. They also offer students the help and support in dealing with personal stress and problems of adjustment.

The IQ Test in CSU (formerly NORMISIST) has been consider great burden among guidance counselors since it requires more time to evaluate the results, which may take for how many weeks. The manual tabulation of data will also be more prone to error. The evaluation process may be faster and accurate if there are a lot of staffs. But since Guidance and Counseling Office lacks personnel therefore this will lead to the delay of the whole process of evaluating results of the particular test.

Developing a reliable web-based test system that would automate the entire evaluation process could eliminate these problems. Many universities around the world have converted paper-based IQ Test in a web-based approach.

With the advent of web-based technology, creating an online examination system is now possible. With this, the entire evaluation process is now faster and evaluation results can be effectively conveyed to the students. This will also provide convenience not only to the students in using the new system but also to the guidance counselors who will evaluate the results.


I. Statement of the Problem

The general problem of the existing manual paper-based IQ Test is the laborious task in evaluating results by the guidance counselors. The specific problems are as follows:
1.The current system requires much time and effort to complete the entire process. 2.Too many man-powers required to administer the IQ Test.
3.Existing manual-based causes delay in evaluating the results. 4.Checking of answer sheets and generation of results has to be done manually which is time consuming and sometimes leads to errors. 5.Further results and answers can’t be obtained instantaneously. 6.A lot of paper work involved.

7.Evaluators will wait for how many weeks to evaluate the results of the test taken by the students.

II. Objectives of the Study

The general objective of the study is to automate the current manual paper-based IQ Test in order to lessen the task of the guidance counselors. The specific objectives are as follows:

1.To design a data flow diagram for the Web-based IQ Test. 2.To create an entity relationship diagram for the Web-based IQ Test. 3.To determine the system specification of the Web-based IQ Test.

III. Significance of the Study

This study is meant to automate the manual paper-based IQ Test. The new system will have a good impact probably to all students to make wise decisions regarding educational and career opportunities. They can be guided by the guidance counselors in giving them information and discussions about course selection...
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