To Be True to Yourself in a World That Is Constantly Making You Something Else Is a Great Achievement

Topics: Conflict, Teen magazine, Peer group Pages: 3 (1251 words) Published: March 22, 2013
To be true to yourself in a world that is constantly making you something else is a great achievement All of us possess qualities that differentiate us from other human beings. These distinguishing features could be more or less highlighted in appearance, mindset or capabilities, but they will always persist and determine the nature of our personality. Unfortunately these characteristic attributes are deteriorating as humanity is moulding us into the “perfect person” influencing us to stray away from who we are (our so called “insignificant” selves) to what is desirable (a flawless model). Staying true to yourself means to stick to what you believe in and being whom you were meant to be, it means not sacrificing who you are to fit in with others. Although it may seem hard during this day and age to keep true to yourself with peer pressure, the media and portrayals factorising our change in personality, why do we hide behind their expectations? Why do we change ourselves to be accepted by people who in the long run don’t matter? A lot of respect goes to those who don’t change themselves based on other people’s thoughts and indications, as they’ve overcome society and destroyed social conditioning. As human beings we like to have an idea of whom and what we want to become. Alice Pung, author of Growing up Asian in Australia enlightened her readers of her teenage struggles she faced whilst growing up, she said “Most teen fiction gave me the idea that I needed extensive plastic surgery.” Since the media has become one of the most powerful sources of information, we subconsciously condition ourselves to match what they feed us – aiming to be as pretty as Angelina Jolie or as skinny as Miranda Kerr. However as we perfectly shape and sculpt our features into resembling these celebrities, we lose sight of who we really are and we just end up looking like a carbon copy of someone else. Each day magazines are printing out tips and tricks of being a size 6 and make up...
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