To Be Embarrassed by Parents

Topics: Embarrassment, Humiliation, Childhood Pages: 2 (448 words) Published: December 16, 2012
It is a universal truth that parents will, at some point or another, embarrass their children. It must be taken for granted that at the age of 13 a child will discover that his parents are the most embarrassing, ridiculous and annoying persons on the planet. He starts to be angry with them and be allergic to their normal behavior. This behavior means that he grew up enough to be impressed by imperfections of his parents. However, parents should not accuse their teenage child of this intolerance. They should be ready for understanding that their child has just moved into another phase of his life and they must think of how to stand up to this period.

The theme asks to describe a situation when I personally was embarrassed as a child. Looking back on my childhood, I cannot remember such a situation. I think my parents were succeeded in driving that period of my life smoothly. Probably, I was not irritated enough with that cases of embarrassment to allow them to be printed in my memory. I believe I was never humiliated by my parents.

Nevertheless, I’m certain about the number of parent behaviors that might cause a child to be embarrassed. Child will be embarrassed if you will call him a home nickname or if you will cuddle him in front of his friends. He will be embarrassed if you will discipline him in front of his friends and if you will try to fool around with his friends. You must be sure that your hobbies or social-skills could also be a big cause for embarrassment. Your table manners, your academic qualification, your bad family background, your shape, even model of your car can make your child feel embarrassed. Besides, teenagers tend to go for some independence. So, the child will be embarrassed if you will insist on his early coming home in front of his friends or if you will try to find out with whom he is going out with.

By the way, a recent online survey by British company Specsaver found that dads (not moms) most often force kids to want the...
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