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Topics: Drug addiction, Addiction, Substance abuse Pages: 12 (3982 words) Published: February 4, 2013
Drug and Alcohol Relapse Intervention
Earl Presley
The University of Mississippi

Drugs and Alcohol have been around for ages. Our society as a whole has embraced the fact that drugs and alcohol have beneficial and potentially harmful side effects. We as the human race have used drugs and alcohol for many tasks. But, what happens when we abuse drugs and alcohol? Some may call people that abuse drugs and alcohol, drug addicts and alcoholics. So, what do we do now? We send our love ones to a treatment facility to begin treatment for their problems. Now, that they have been treated what do we do, when our love ones suffer a relapse? This is the ideal time when we at D.A.R.I. step in to help your love ones. We at D.A.R.I are here to treat you or your loves for their problems and instill preventive measures to reduce the reoccurrence of the problem. In D.A.R.I. clients will go through a six week, six step program filled with information and evaluations so that we can better asses our clients needs. By the end of this program, clients will have set and worked towards their goals of recovery.

D.A.R.I is based off the J.A.D.E./ B.A.S.I.C program at The University of Mississippi.

The objectives for programs such as D.A.R.I. have been a constant need for the American population. Through countless observations, programs such as D.A.R.I. have been used to treat drug addicts and alcoholics and deemed effective for its purpose. According to Sun, relapses are frequent with individuals who do not obtain the proper help in order to overcome alcoholism and substance abuse. Her research sought to identify various factors that caused people to relapse. She identified four major themes that led this occurrence. They included low self-worth, interpersonal conflicts, the use of networking, and a lack of coping skills (Sun, 2007). Improving these themes along with other underlying ideas is the basis of the D.A.R.I. program. Through different phases of the program, each component would be addressed thus increasing the change that individuals can return to leading productive lives.

The counselors at D.A.R.I. will use various coping techniques to help clients deal with their symptoms. As established in research, coping is an imperative component of preventing relapse (Taprt,Ozyurt, Myres, & Brown, 2004). However, coping skills can be utilized differently dependent upon the individual’s level of cognitive functioning. This research explored the potential affiliation of coping skills and cognitive functioning. After collecting data, it appeared as though patients with lower cognitive skills and coping responses such as self blame had a larger percentage of drinking days at follow-up (Taprt et al., 2004). Therefore, the counselors must become conscious of the fact that patients with better cognitive skills will more than likely achieve better results through implementing coping techniques.

D.A.R.I. helps patients prevent relapses by helping people to spot the signs and signals sooner so that they can take positive action for their own well-being. There are many triggers to relapse for recovering alcoholics and addicts, but there are also preventive measures that can be successful. According to Chong and Lopez, intrapersonal factors showed the strongest relationship with relapse, followed by proximal and distal factors. Therefore, knowledge about predictors of relapse among this population should be used as a guide toward individual treatment planning. The prevention of relapse is one of the critical elements of effective treatment for alcohol and other drug abuse. Recovering from drug or alcohol abuse involves finding new ways of taking care of yourself, and new ways of acting with friends, family, and at work. It also involves the prevention of relapse - falling back into your habits of using alcohol or drugs to deal with problems and stress. These aspects are some of the main...
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