“to Be an Effective Manager, You Have to Be a Good Listener”

Topics: Hearing, Management, Active listening Pages: 4 (1142 words) Published: April 6, 2011
Harvey (2006:160) Listening is the first communication skill we practice as infants, and from listening to other people around us, we learn how to speak. We listen far more than we speak, read or write; possibly up to 75% of the time, yet it is a communication skill we are not formally taught. We can close our eyes and mouth and can leave the keyboard or pen alone, but our ears are constantly open. We are frequently told to ‘listen up’, that we ‘weren’t listening ‘, that we ‘never listen’, but we are seldom taught how to listen effectively. What make an effective manager? To be an effective manager, you have to be a good listener. Manager must possess three listening components: Hearing, Understanding and Retaining. Hearing is the ability to receive sounds. Understanding is the ability to make sense of what we hear. While retaining is the ability to remember what has been heard.

Listening to an individual is the most important attribute of an effective manager. Manager who listen, earn employees respect and loyalty. They discover important things about how the business is going. Manager can show effective listening when employees or customers are communicating with them by their body language, facial expression and through eye contact. A manager who doesn’t listen is not a good communicator. As a manager you need to listen, to benefit from your employees thoughts then direct his or her thought to the mission, vision or goal. If the employee feels the manager hears theirs voice, they will give even more information because they feel their opinion is respected. Listening to others gives manager the information needed and also listening is vital when employees are sharing ideas. When manager stop listening to employees ideas they stop offering them, and manager are essentially cut off from the creativity and expertise of the people on their team. Managing is less about talking and more about listening. Effective listening manager help their employee solve...
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