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Topics: Heat, Temperature, Energy Pages: 4 (1016 words) Published: February 18, 2013
Justine: ( Freezing/ SICK, go to kitchen and boil water, go to the living room and watch TV ) Leslie: (Reporter)
Clarissa: Hey are you okay? (Touch) You're hot. Let me see the degree of your temperature using this (thermometer). Justine: What's that?
Clarissa: This is a thermometer which is being used when determining the degree of hotness and coldness of a person. But there are also thermometers being used for objects. Justine: Whatever, I'm freezing!

Clarissa: Fine. *Go to kitchen and touch the container of a boiling water. OUCH! Justine: What happened?
Clarissa: I just accidentally touched this container with a higher temperature which caused the energetic molecules of this one to transfer their kinetic energy to the molecules of my fingers. Justine: Oh, okay. But it's not my fault.

Clarissa: Then whose?
Justine: (ituturo si Yaya)
YAYA: Yes madam?
CLARISSA: Nothing, give him a chocolate or a tea, whatever he wants. Uri will be here at one minute. YAYA: Okay madam.

URI: Hi honey! Let's go!
CLARISSA and YAYA: Oh he's here!
*Uri and Clarissa, magkakatinginan then titingnan ng sabay si Yaya. JUSTINE: Where are you going?
YAYA: In the market sir.
JUSTINE: I'm not talking to you!
CLARISSA: Anyway guys, we have to go. We'll buy groceries so I can cook you a soup. I'll be right back at 12 noon. Okay, have a rest. Bye! JUSTINE: Take care!

YAYA: Sir, what do you want? Chocolate, tea, milk or water?
JUSTINE: I prefer chocolate.
YAYA: Sir, what process do you want me to do?
JUSTINE: Process? What are you talking about?
YAYA: The process of increasing the internal energy is called heating while the process of decreasing the internal energy is called cooling. So, what do you want sir? JUSTINE: Will you stop it yaya? Common sense please? I'm freezing. YAYA: Okay, then let's do the HEATING!

CLARISSA: What time is it? It's so cold.
URI: It's 7am.
URI: *Look...
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